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The food culture of Argentina and its neighbours is truly inspiring

The flame of passion – and the passion for flame – the food culture of Argentina and her nearest neighbours.  Latin Americans relish the flavour that fire can impart to meat, fish and vegetables alike. In Australia, we share this excitement around al fresco feasting through our love affair with the barbecue. 

Frank now offers a lively and unique Australian take on the culinary passions inspired by this magnificent region of the Southern Hemisphere.  Located on one of Hobart’s most famous landmarks on the historic waterfront – Franklin Wharf – we focus on sourcing the very best produce Tasmania can provide, along with wine from local friends as well as trusted specialists from far-flung vineyards around the globe.

Extremes meet in the climate, topography, belief systems and cultures across the vast southern American region and the histories of its nations have given rise to diversity and contrast in every way.  Turbulent and often tragic events have influenced the cuisine of each of these countries. 

A plethora of cocktails

The combination of history and geography have also added flavour to their alcoholic predilections.  This exciting and somewhat edgy quality is reflected with piquance, pride and panache in the plethora of cocktails associated with these southern lands. 

Regional origins are staunchly defended for each of the legendary concoctions we have come to enjoy as the ideal complement to the distinctive dishes of Latin America. At Frank we honour the history as well as the particular attributes of  these classic drinks and present our versions of them with the care and flair they deserve.

Frank events

Through Frank Functions we can cater for seated groups of up to 14 in the restaurant but also have access to Mawson’s Pavilion, which lies adjacent, for a variety of occasions.  Please contact us through the enquiry form below for further information and a conversation about how best we may be able to meet your particular needs.

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